Our Roots.

Cannabis has roots in the arts. Where the greats were, you will often find it. It is only fitting that in a city enjoying an arts renaissance, Hamilton, you find purveyors of fine, premium cannabis.

We grow in small batches and hand-prepare, ensuring we deliver nothing but the purest product. Like the artists and artisans we serve, we perfect… The art of craft cannabis.

What makes us craft?

Craft /kraft/ (noun)
An activity involving skill in making things by hand.

We grow in small batches for the simple reason that it helps ensure we deliver a superior product. Curating small batches allows our team to be patient and provide each plant with an equal amount of attention throughout the whole process. For us, this is a horticultural craft. The result of our small batch, hand trimmed and packaged flower creates an exceptional cannabis experience. That is why we are craft growers.

Our Commitment.

At Gage, we care deeply about the environment, our people and our city.


We are committed to doing our part to create a healthier environment. Gage is a bullfrog powered business.

Living Wage

We fully support the promise of the living wage movement. By valuing our workers, we increase the value of our company’s bottom line.

Our City

We retrofitted an existing semi-vacant building by leveraging local contractors and local materials in Hamilton. We will always be proud of our city.

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